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Alpha Telecom - Great International Rates in the UK & Europe

Alpha Telecom currently has several fully fledged operations in Europe - The United Kingdom, Germany and Switzerland. Call traffic is also transitted from Ireland, France and the Netherlands through Alpha Telecom  UK operation.

Calls can be made to over 250 countries with Alpha Telecom - effectively worldwide.

Alpha Telecom is also installing a telecommunications switch in the United States and has plans to establish similar operations in Italy, Spain and France.

Voice over the Internet switches have also been installed in all of Alpha's operations - this allows it to deliver and receive, via strategic partnerships, internet call traffic in over 40 different countries. These switches will soon allow all Alpha Telecom customers to call from any of these countries by using the local Alpha Telecom node thus eliminating the cost of expensive international link charges.

Alpha Telecom is investing heavily in international cable and satellite infrastructure, telecommunications switches and new technologies such as the Voice over the Internet and will also continue to expand both in Europe and internationally as the demand for services and products develops.


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